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With over 50,000 visitors monthly DESGphoto is an ideal place to advertise products, services or company information, especially in the fields of sports, sporting goods & lifestyle. Therefore DESGphoto offers advertisers the ability to place image and/or text ads. On this page you will find the relevant media information which will help you in the decision making process about the nature and amount of advertising:

DESGphoto is the world’s largest and most comprehensive photo portal on ice speed skating and short track (short track is still under construction). The site is constantly updated since 2004 and offers photos of national and international competitions and events. Currently, there are over 55,000 images from more than 2,700 german and international athletes (from juniors, seniors and masters) presented and retrievable. In addition, there are more than 180,000 images available on request.

The site is aimed to all visitors interested in sports, press services, sponsors and agencies who are searching for appropriate images for their reporting and productions, respectively. Please write a message and find out more about advertising opportunities on DESGphoto.

Date of the presented media data: September 2010


  • Image portal for ice speed skating and short track
  • Online since February 2004
  • Targets on media services, sponsors, agents, athletes and fans
  • Google PageRank position 5

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Date of statistics: September 2010