F.A.Q. – frequently asked questions

From time to time I receive emails with always the same questions. So I decided to write this F.A.Q. It shall help and give some answers to repeated questions.

General questions and answers

Well the reason is really simple: I wasn’t there. This site is just a part-time job for me. And my major business as requires time as well. Furthermore, I don’t get paid for this job here. So I have to pay all things, like hotels, travel costs etc., by myself. That’s why I have to think carefully about, which competition I will visit and which not…

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Yes of cause you can do! During one of the next competitions I will take my focus on the requested athlete and will take some shots.

Currently, I have more then 50.000 ice speed skating related images in my archive. These are the “available” pictures. But due to the limited space on the server, I cannot make all of them available to show. So what you will see is just a subset of the images from my archive.

The best way is to send me an email. I will create an index and send it back to you. On this index you will see all current available images of the requested athlete and the corresponding image names. If you like some of the pictures, please write me an email with the image names.

There aren’t any guidelines! The only one who decides which images are shown here is myself. I always try to present images from a competition of as many athletes as possible. Unfortunately, this doesn’t match in any case. The reasons here are simple as well: sometimes images are not sharp or a taken photo is too unfavorable for the athlete.

This can be referred to several causes. Unfortunately it is a fact that different browsers will display websites in different ways. This may affect is rendering errors. If you will like to know the “why”, then please use a search engine and you will find hundreds of reasons and explanations.

These pages are optimized and tested on the Internet Explorer 7 as well as the Firefox 3. The pages are shown correctly on these browsers. Furthermore the pages are tested and validated with the Validator of the W3C and declared as “XHTML 1.1 or HTML5”.

I also recommend you to active JavaScript on your browser. There are some functions which will require JavaScript. Otherwise some items on this site will not work, correctly.

You will get the best type face when you activate “ClearType” on your system.

None. DESGphoto is an independent an economically acting photo agency (see legal notes). There are no economic links between the agency and the Deutsche Eisschnelllaufgemeinschaft e.V. (DESG). Thereby the name “DESGphoto” has been developed in the course of the last years.

Order related questions

The simplest and fastest way to order some images is via the “My account” menu item. You can use this feature after your free registration under the “My account -> Registration”.

You are now able to put the images you like into your private lightboxes or baskets, respectively. Therefore you only need to click on the image thumbnail (in one of the galleries). On top of the new opened window you will find the appropriate buttons. If you have done, please go to “My Photo –> Order” and follow the instructions. Of cause you can also send your request via the contact form.

Please note, if you have not found any suitable images on the site, there is still a big probability that the photos you are looking for are available in my offline archive. In this case, please write me a brief message and I will search my database and will create an index of images to be searched for you.

Any order requests will be answered by me, promptly!

Although this question sounds rather trite and does not play any big role in editorial environments. But it has a serious background for private users – especially of photos with underage athletes.

Pictures of underage athletes are only released and shipped if it is clear to me that the request originates from direct relatives (e.g. parents or grandparents). I generally do not send photos to any “friends” or relatives away. If you still interested in getting the photos, then please contact the parents so that they then formulate the image request. I’m convinced that you will understand this procedure.

Moreover, any interested person can order picture material.

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This question cannot be answered in a simple way. I distinguish between private use and commercial use. In any case, you will receive an individual offer and a proper billing.

The commercial use case includes all scenarios where you or a third party have any commercial interests, e.g. a sponsor, a newspaper etc. In this case you have to spend license fees. The amount of the fees depends on the kind of usage. In any case you have to request your intention of usage in a written form. I will send you an offer or an official invoice as soon as possible.

The non-commercial use case is special related to the athletes itself, their parents, relatives and friends, who send me image requests. Usually, they like to have images for their private webpages or the family-album etc. On the one hand site I really like these request. That shows me that the page was frequently visited and that you like what you have found and see here. On the other hand site, the effort is very high increasing, in terms of time, to prepare the images etc.

A typical value applied by private users is between 5€ to 15€ per image (to compare: an agency is paying 50€ to some 100€ per image).

But please note: any commercial use or a forward of any material to third parties is not permitted! You are only permitted to use the images for your private webpage or your family-album etc. If you want to use the images on your website then you have to make a copyright notice, e.g. “DESGphoto / L. Hagen” and you have to set a link to my site.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

The transfer is made to the regular account of DESGphoto after you received the images and the invoice. Unfortunately, checks and credit card transactions can not be offered, due to the very high transfer costs. Please use electronic bank transactions only, via:

        Name: Lars Hagen
Bank: Direktbank (DiBa)
IBAN: DE23500105170232202455

Usually, the images will be “shipped” via e-mail or via a download-link. This is the quickest and cheapest method. But there is also the possibility to request the images on a CD or DVD or to get them as a print.

The picture material comes to agencies and commercial entities with the maximum available resolution at 300dpi.

The mailed copies to private users will be sent (unless otherwise agreed) with a size of 1600 pixels (longest edge). This is a good size to output them on a 10 × 15 print.

Lightbox related questions

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